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Interior Photography / Day Rate

250 GBP

Do you need some photographs of your interior space for commercial use? Do you want to show others where you work or live?  

I find a lot of the work I do is going around to various business' to document their workspace for their social media, it's nice to get a background idea of what goes on day to day. I love to come in and document a space and meet the people who work inside it.  

The price is for an 8 hour day rate. This is the price for myself and my camera equipment to come on the day. My camera will be tethered up to my computer so we can see the images during the photoshoot. Keep in mind that any photography will also need editing. The amount of time will be quoted for you at our consultation and a final time and price agreed,

This price includes a consultation beforehand so we can meet and have a chat so we get the best results for you.

I normally work with natural light but if it's a dark space I will need to bring flash lights to work with at an extra cost of £30.

This photograph is from Agapanthus Interiors, who I work with to photograph work for their projects page.

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