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Product Photography / Day Rate

250 GBP

Do you have some products that need images for your website or marketing material?

I enjoy taking images of products that people are selling. I like to see how they've been made and show them in the best light possible.

I have a wide range of styles and will book in a free consultation so we can take a look at your work prior to the shoot, so we can figure out how to get the best shots to suit your style.

The price is for an 8 hour day rate. This is the price for myself and my camera equipment to come on the day. My camera will be tethered up to my computer so we can see the images during the photoshoot. Keep in mind that any photography will also need editing. The amount of time will be quoted for you at our consultation and a final time and price agreed,

If you need a studio / lighting, this will be hired as an extra, please contact me and we can get the right space for you no problem!

Let's have some fun while we shoot and show off your products in the best way for you!

This photograph was from a photoshoot with Lighting Designer Jane Blease

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